Welcome! Three years ago I decided to write my first book, Building Legacy Wealth, I did not understand how long it would take or how hard it would be. Because I knew the topic and the audience I expected it to be long but easy process.

I helped hundreds of people become millionaires using the proven and repeatable processes I developed to invest in low-risk rental property. I introduced them to the special joys and challenges of landlording. When my clients’ goals or circumstances changed, I helped them make wise choices about what to do next.

Most people want to build wealth. But they eventually realize that relationships and impact on others are more important than building wealth alone. I help my clients clarify their values, so they can pass them on to the next generation, along with their wealth.

Knowing what I wanted to convey was the easy part. The hard part was deciding what to leave out. I’m not good at that. I want to share too much. That would have resulted in a book that was hundreds of pages longer and difficult to use. So, I got great help and lots of it.

Even with help, every choice to leave something out was excruciatingly hard. Even knowing why we should leave something out, it was still excruciatingly hard. This blog shares valuable ideas which weren’t right for the book. It allows me to get your feedback and pass on extra insights

I will still work with clients. I will still write and publish articles. Blogging offers the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Your feedback could help me become a better broker and a better man.

My calling includes helping successful people learn of things and accomplish things they might not do without me. If you come back to read this blog or subscribe to get posts by email, you can expect three kinds of posts.

  • Building wealth. Expect posts on how to invest in rental property and wealthy thinking.
  • Establishing a legacy you’re proud of. Expect posts on clarifying your values, living a life worth imitating, and passing your values to your heirs, along with your wealth.
  • Other ways to benefit face to face capitalist, like you. “Face to face capitalism” means rental ownership or other human scale businesses. Expect posts on books, issues, and incidents which may help you build legacy wealth and live a life worth imitating.

These posts will be shaped by the events and discoveries in my life and by your comments and suggestions. Blogging will be a new adventure that I can share with you. Tell me what you think and suggest how I can do better.