Welcome! In 2015, when I decided to write my book, Building Legacy Wealth, I did not understand how long it would take or how hard it would be. I knew the topic and the audience, so I expected it to be a long but easy process.

Hundreds of people have become millionaires using the proven and repeatable processes I developed to invest in low-risk rental property. I introduced them to the special joys and challenges of landlording. When my clients’ goals or circumstances changed, I helped them make wise choices about what to do next.

Most people want to build wealth. Most eventually realize that relationships and their impact on others are more important than building wealth alone. I help my clients clarify their values, so they can pass them on to the next generation, along with their wealth.

Knowing what I wanted to convey was the easy part. The hard part was deciding what to leave out. I’m not good at that. So, I got great help and lots of it.

Even with help, every choice to leave something out was excruciatingly hard. I started this blog in 2018 to share valuable ideas which weren’t appropriate for the book.

You’ll discover important lessons I’ve learned since I wrote the book. Plus you will find observations and insights that others have found valuable in our transitions.

Gradually I’m reducing brokerage time and devoting more time to leadership and life coaching. One Navy officer summarized my transition as shifting from being a force multiplier of helping others build wealth, to being a force multiplier helping people to discover and fulfill their legacy. It is my move from success to significance. I still love brokerage and expect to continue for years. Coaching enables me to serve impactful people beyond investors.

My calling includes helping successful people learn and accomplish things they might not do without me. That’s true for my brokerage practice, my coaching, and this blog. When you subscribe to email posts or return to the site, you will find four themes:

  • Building wealth by investing in rental property.
  • Living a life worth imitating.
  • Thriving through transition and change.
  • Building the legacy you were created to fulfill.

Life and learning, yours and mine, will feed this blog. Your feedback will help all readers.