I’ve been told I have a “popcorn brain.” The motor in my popcorn machine is always humming and lots of ideas pop out. They’re thought seeds. Sometimes the conditions are right, and I cultivate them. Several of those seeds wind up as posts in this blog.

Other seeds don’t germinate. I think they’re worth sharing because you or some other reader may want to cultivate them. Your feedback may give me insight into how to cultivate them. Here are a half dozen ungerminated thought seeds.

The alternative to getting it right is getting left… waking up to missed opportunity.

You don’t have to be great to begin, but you must begin to become great.

Mistakes are wasted if you do not extract a lesson from them.

Procrastination is both the thief of time and the grave of opportunity.

Without purpose life can be spent, but it can’t be invested.

Belief is extending the effort to climb the ladder. Hope is the ladder.


Now it’s your turn.

What seeds would you like to cultivate?

Which of your ungerminated seeds would you like to share with others?


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