Americans want to build wealth, but few people really know how. We show our clients low-risk ways to invest in multi-family properties, to create wealth and enjoy financial security.

Building Legacy Wealth Brief Table of Contents

Here is a brief Table of Contents for Building Legacy Wealth.
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How to Get the Most from This Book
Increase the Odds of Your Success
—-Wealthy Thinking
—-Emotional Intelligence
—-Understand Your Values and Priorities
Prepare to Invest Profitably in Apartments
—-Team Up with a Great Broker
—-Make Sure You Have a System That Will Work for You Every Time
—-Apartment Investing Realities
The Wealth Escalator
—-A Practical Way to Prioritize Opportunities
—-Successful Buying
—-Successful Operating
—-Renovation Budgets and Strategies
—-Successful Selling
—-1031 Exchange
—-Wealth Escalator Summary
Your Investment Life Trajectory
—-Prolonging Your Capital’s Growth Spurt
—-Moving On
—-Transferring Your Legacy Wealth
—-Your Investment Life Trajectory Summary
—-A. Supply and Demand
—-B. Are You Ready to Invest?
—-C. Due Diligence
—-D. Loans: How Lenders Determine the Amount They’ll Lend
A Brief Annotated Reading List: Wisdom from My Library
Additional Resources
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