Americans want to build wealth, but few people really know how. We show our clients low-risk ways to invest in multi-family properties, to create wealth and enjoy financial security.

Praise for Building Legacy Wealth

“Terry’s book is a proven recipe for financial success. We have been friends for 30+ years and I have followed his recipe for acquiring apartment properties and renovating them and have done so with more than 1,000 apartments in San Diego County. And I have passed on his secret sauce to hundreds of my students at UCSD Extension over the years and, they, too, have prospered and benefitted from his wisdom.”

Alan Nevin
Author of The Great Divide

“Rental housing is a unique business. With a minimal investment you can leverage an asset to archive returns far beyond your outlay. It’s also a business that needs to be managed with clear objectives. This book walks all investors from novices, through seasoned masters along a path others have successfully traveled. Building Legacy Wealth, by Terry Moore, CCIM allows the reader to learn valuable business lessons from others on their road to financial independence.”

Bob Pinnegar
President & CEO of the National Apartment Association

“I have worked with hundreds of commercial real estate brokers, many who are some of the top-performing professionals in the world. Even among them, Terry Moore stands out.

It is obvious that Terry’s calling is to help his clients create wealth, through decision-based real estate investments. He challenges himself and his clients to be intentional and to make life time choices that will matter when we are all gone.

Terry will share with you how to make a fortune, but he is more interested in helping you making a long lasting and positive difference. Spend time with the ideas in this book. The people around you will be glad you did.”

Rod Santomassimo, CCIM
Founder and President
Massimo Group, LLC

“You are in for a treat! Terry has distilled the wisdom and the value of multi-family real estate investment to its essence. He presents that concentrated knowledge here in this thoughtful, powerful and accessible read. For more than a generation our firm has helped Terry, Sandy and their clients profitably implement the strategies he discusses. Enjoy and prosper!”

Joe Greenblat, CPM
CEO Sunrise Management
International Past President of the Institute of Property Management (IREM)

“A value-based approach to investing, and a value-based approach to life. The integrated concepts embodied in this book encompass a life well lived through knowledge based investing and enhancing the quality of lives and community.”

Rick Snyder
President R. A. Snyder Properties
Past President of the California Apartment Association
Past President of the California Association of Realtors™

“Terry expertly describes your life, challenges, lessons and emotions as a landlord from your first thoughts of investment, through wealth escalation to the passing of your successful financial legacy to your family. And he does it all with heartful insights about the people you will interact with along the way.”

Steve Morris
Author of Leadership Simple and Leading People to Lead Themselves

“Terry Moore is a savant when it comes to investing in apartments, and he has distilled 30 years of knowledge, expertise and hard work into an easy-to-follow book that will launch the novice or fast-track the more experienced investor. His approach distills advice to make wise investment decisions as well as wise life decisions.”

Jack Crittenden
President & Editor in Chief, Our City

“Terry Moore has a wealth of experience that leads to meaningful insights. The industry is fortunate he committed them to paper.”

“Real estate brokers who write books are dangerous. Those who know the issues and can clearly express solutions are rare. Terry Moore is one of these.”

Roger J Brown, PhD
Author of Private Real Estate Investment: Digital Analysis and Decision Making

“This book is a captivating blend of practical steps to building wealth for generations and solid leadership advice. Terry Moore entertains with his witty phrasing, personal stories and between-the-eyes challenges to be a better person, smarter investor and action taker. He sagely shares with us what it takes to build legacy wealth through investing in apartment buildings. His step-by-step approach helps you realize that this truly could be you! You can become a millionaire if you pay attention to this wise advice.”

Mindy Bortness
Owner of Communication Works, a premier coaching venture

“Terry Moore is more than a Realtor, and this book is more than a how to make money in real estate course. Terry’s approach to real estate brokerage comes through clearly in the language and tone of the book. In both cases he is aware of the long-term goal, not just racking up a single huge sale and moving on to the next client, rather he builds relationships as he helps his clients build their wealth. Many of his clients continued to come back to him deal after deal, in a business where clients seldom have much loyalty.”

Andy French
Master CREIA Inspector

“This book is like The Millionaire Next Door for the small apartment investor. A must read “

Pete Smith
Former Principal of Sunrise Management

“I appreciate the relatable story telling that makes Terry’s stewardship easy to digest sometimes complicated concepts. I’ve read my share of books on investing in residential real estate and few make it as understandable as this example. Further, his comments on Legacy Wealth is notable. In my experience, the most successful investors/owners have personal missions that include both financial and personal growth goals and have woven them together”.

Alan Pentico
Executive Director
San Diego County Apartment Association

“Terry is other focused, that is on you and your financial welfare.”

Kent Porter
Author of Fix Frustrations at Work: Short Stores Empowering You to Make the Difference

“You have given considerable thought to the subjects at hand. There is a wise and calm tone that is conveyed. Your decency clearly comes across.”

James Graham
Attorney who represents trust attorneys

“A ton of good advice.”

Wally Stevens
MAI with 40 years success appraising San Diego apartments

“Great project!”

Alan Clopine, CPA
Pure Financial

“I have known and done business with Terry since the mid 1990’s, when many of the apartment purchases at that time were REO properties. From a lender’s perspective, I appreciate that he always lays out the full scope of the transaction up front– pros and cons. This way all parties know how to approach the deal and structure the financing. He understands lenders’ concerns, and will often present a creative approach to putting a transaction together that satisfies the concerns of all parties. I have enjoyed closing many loans with Terry throughout the years.

Terry does his research in understanding the goals of his clients, their investment comfort levels, management experience or inexperience, etc., and finds the appropriate property to match those needs. Terry knows the San Diego neighborhoods and can advise a buyer as to the future planned growth and development of an area they are considering. He will address whether a property needs work and has potential for increased rents, and will advise accordingly. He considers short-term and long-term goals.

Terry is also forthcoming in sharing his experience from being in the business many years. His faith guides his principles. He is a valued and trustworthy resource for both the novice and sophisticated investor.”

Laurie Blake
Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer
Mission Federal Credit Union
CCIM Affiliate Member and Director