Since February 2020 the COVID virus has killed millions and disrupted lives around the planet. Most of the medical professionals and other careful people I know have had it and suffered without horrible consequences. Unfortunately, too many of our family and friends died early because of COVID.

COVID is with us to stay.

For the western world, COVID is no longer a pandemic. It is endemic, meaning COVID is now a natural part of our environment. Those who’ve had it developed natural immunity and each fresh mutation becomes less deadly.

During the pandemic, we were reminded that people lie, misrepresent, panic, and act foolishly. That really wasn’t new, the pandemic just served as a reminder.

No matter which way you leaned before the pandemic, the odds are that you lean the same way. You probably still agree with most of the people you used to agree with and disagree with the same folks you used to disagree with. We tend to excuse those we like, and doubt or discount people with differing views. That’s human nature.

Let’s get on with our lives

Humanity has survived the black plague, world wars, and too many dictators. Now we can add COVID to the list. Now it’s time to move on. Young people need to form families. Careers and children need to start and grow. Mature people need to transition to whatever is next.

Evil needs to be confronted. We must deal with hunger, injustice, and climate change. Hurt people need help before they hurt other people. Let’s focus our limited resources on what we can control, not fritter them away on what we can’t influence.

In the time you have left, what do you want your life to amount to? Dodging a virus is too small a life goal. Jack London wrote that he didn’t want to waste his remaining years simply trying to extend those years. He wanted to “use my time” and live a worthwhile life till he died.


I usually ask you a question at the end of a post. This time I offer you a challenge.

Whatever your passion is, get on with it. We’re burning daylight. We have about 150 fewer weeks than three years ago. Make your remaining time count!


Terry Moore, CCIM, is the author of Building Legacy Wealth: How to Build Wealth and Live a Life Worth Imitating. Read his “Welcome to My Blog.

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