as are rumors about my retirement.

Friday’s blog was about transition and mourning. Four writers and beta readers, read it before it was posted. Unexpectedly, this post generated the largest response within the first hour, primarily from other investment brokers. I was astounded to discover that so many peers read my scribblings.

The blog discussed some of the challenges and joys of income property brokerage. My arena is intensely competitive. Almost 100 agents compete for the 400 escrows annually.

The second shock was that several of my competitors assumed something that I had not meant. Several agents wrote back kind words that were more appropriate for a wake or a retirement party. But I’m not retiring. I love my calling and have just recently renewed my brokerage license.

People over 50 expect one day they’ll stop their day job and make a transition to something different. As a reflective soul, I think about what I’ll do a decade from now. I’ll stop brokerage before 90, but not tomorrow.

Coaching will become a bigger part of my life with passing time. Now and for the immediate future, I’m doing both. Recently our team was honored when an institutional decision maker picked our team instead of 9 competitors to sell their beach asset. (Thanks again, John!)

So, let me be clear. I still love my craft and hope and expect to serve real estate investors for years. Candidly I am easing up; I only did 37 hours of brokerage as of Friday afternoon. If God gives me time, there will eventually be life after brokerage.

Any investor who reads this blog or the previous one, and needs a broker, please interview my worthy competitors and me. Each of us would appreciate a chance to serve.

May your next 12 months be your best year so far!