Americans want to build wealth, but few people really know how. We show our clients low-risk ways to invest in multi-family properties, to create wealth and enjoy financial security.


Journeymen have bought and sold many times. If you’re a journeyman, you’ve probably learned about the power of a 1031 exchange. You’ve used a broker and maybe even found a great one. I hope you’ve developed a repeatable system for your investing. You want to master good ways to prioritize opportunities, negotiate successfully to close, operate profitably, upgrade properties, and sell when the time is right. If you’re a journeyman, your challenge is to master the craft. Here’s my suggestion for your reading roadmap to help do that. See the Table of Contents for details.

  • Read the Introduction (if you haven’t already).
  • Skim the section titled Increase the Odds of Your Success.
  • Skim The Wealth Escalator and the Your Investment Life Trajectory sections.
  • Assess your current brokerage relationship. Make changes if you are not receiving excellent service from a broker who has your best interest at heart.
  • Use this book as a handbook.

Mark and Sharon have moved from Apprentice to Journeyman and become millionaires in the process. If they continue to develop and take on bigger challenges, they can become Masters.